Top 10 best preventive tips for ticks

Prefer to wear full-sleeved shirts, longs trousers, proper socks and closed shoes where ticks are common to minimize skin exposure 

Wear protective clothing

Apply insect repellents containing DEET, picaridin, before going to such areas where ticks or any other insects present to exposed skin and clothing. 

Use insect repellent

When going for hiking or walking in wooded or grassy areas, should stay in the center of trails to prevent the contact with ticks or other insects 

Stay on trails

Check properly your body and clothes for ticks after spending time outdoors. Pay attention to such areas like the scalp, behind the ears.

Perfom tick checks

Prefer to take a shower after coming indoor within two hours, this will help to remove ticks or insects that may be stick or crawling onto your skin


Use such products that contain permethrin to treat clothing, gear, and any other outdoor equipment .

Treat outdoor pets

Keep your lawn neat and tidy by cutting the grass regularly, removing leaf litter, and clearing brush and tall weeds to create a tick safe zone. 

Tick safe zone

Reduce the possibility of meeting ticks by staying away from areas with dense vegetation,especially during spring and summer season 

Avoid tick habitat

Planting tick-repellent vegetation such as lavender, garlic, and rosemary in your surroundings or in outdoor living areas that may help to prevent ticks.

Tick repellent plant

Check properly your pets for ticks regularly, especially after come from outdoors. 

Be vigilant with pets and children