9 top motor and cognitive development of feeding skills in infants and todders

Bring hand to mouth and open mouth in preparation to suck


From 2 months an infant can use both tongue and mouth to explore toys. At this stage they start holding the object

2 months

Hold onto object and puts them into the mouth

3 months

Holds, mouths and shows visual exploration of object

4 months

Begins to sit with some support and then unaided

4-11 months

Pincer grasp with finger and thumb and start sitting without support 

9 months

Says first words, context specific, might say word for unknown food 

9-18 months

Recognizes food by sight , smell and taste. Communicate using word to ask for or name foods that they might want

12 months

Grouping food into visual categories begins from about 11 month

12 months and beyond