Umair Butt November 26, 2023


Lie on your back with your knees. Your hands should be placed under the head and then lift your upper body off the ground, then lower back down and now you can repeat these steps. 


Make a position of push-up and your arms should be straight. Onto your forearms, you can lower yourself. Your body should be in a straight line. Then hold for few seconds.

bicycle crunches

Lie on your back and then lift your legs. Then one knee should move to the chest while the upper body should move to the opposite elbow. Now you can repeat same thing on the other side.

leg raises

Put your hands under your hips and lie on your back. Your legs should lift now toward the ceiling, and make sure the legs are straight. Now lower them back down and your legs should not touch the ground.

russian twists

Using your feet flat and knees bent sit on the floor. Lean back a bit twist your torso to one side and touch the floor beside you. 


Start with a position of standing. Drop into a squat position, then your hands should be placed on the ground, and then into a back position kick your feet back. Now quickly move back to the squat position and jump up from there.

walking or running

Walking or running is the best cardiovascular exercise, which can help to burn the fat of your overall body including the belly fat.