top 7 common sources of stress during drug therapy

Medication have side effects, ranging from mild to severe. These side effects can cause physical discomfort, affect mood and impact on daily life.

Side effects

The cost of medication can be the source of concern about the affordability that may add to the overall stress of treatment 

Financial concerns

In cases where medications are taken for extended periods, there may be concerns about developing dependency or addiction. This fear can contribute to stress, especially for medications with a potential for abuse.

Fear of dependency

The stigma associated with certain medications or conditions can contribute to psychological stress. Patients may feel judged or isolated, affecting their mental well-being

Psychological impact

Cultural or religious beliefs can influence an individual's perception of medications. Some patients may experience stress if their treatment conflicts with their cultural or religious values.

Cultural and religious beliefs

Patients may feel a loss of control over their health when relying on medications. This lack of control can lead to stress, especially for individuals who prefer a more holistic or natural approach to health  

Lack of control

Some medications may lead to changes in physical appearance, such as weight gain or hair loss. Concerns about these changes can impact a person's self-esteem and contribute to stre

Physical appearance changes