top 7 complications of enteral nutrition

Tubes can become dislodged from their intended position, that is leading to feeding into the wrong site 

Tube dislodgement

It can be the result from improper tube placement or any damage to the tube..

Tube leakage

Problems such as diarrhea, constipation, or bloating may occur

Gastrointestinal issues

It is commonly caused by formulas of high osmolarity, rapid infusion rates, or use of some antibiotics 


It usually occurs when gastric contents are vomited and inhaled into the lungs, particularly in some patients with a compromised swallowing mechanism or altered consciousness.

Aspiration pneumonia

Feeding tubes can increase the risk of infections, like aspiration pneumonia or tube site infection


In long-term enteral nutrition patients, some psychological problems like body image issues occur.

Body image issues