top 7 healthy living tips for active life

In addition to nutritious food, adequate water intake is also important to support the body’s metabolism and maintain endurance

Drink a lot of water

Intake of a variety of foods such as adequate fruits and vegetables, whole grains , avoid unsaturated fats, lean protein and restrict salts and sugar

Balanced diet

Intake of nutritious food with balanced portions is very important to support health

Consume nutritious food

Prolonged stress turns out to be prone to lowering the immune system so that it makes you sick easily

Don't stress

When you sleep , the body carries out the process of cell regeneration and gives pause to the organ to rest 

Get enough rest

Regular exercise boost physical and mental health, enhancing mood and energy level


Some bad habits that should be stopped in order to maximize a healthy lifestyle, namely: consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and junk food and staying up late or working late into the night

Avoid bad habits