Top Best Things to do on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Dinner

Make and Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal with different dishes. 

Express Gratitude

Think about the things you're thankful for and try to share them with your friends and family.

Family Time

Spend the best time with your loved ones and family members. Play games and share stories. 


Give some help to a local charity, food bank, or soup kitchen. It's the best way to express gratitude.

Outdoor Activities

Play a Game or Take a Walk. Participate in other outdoor activities to stay active.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Create unique and beautiful Thanksgiving crafts, this will be fun for kids and adults both.

Movie or TV Show

Watch a Thanksgiving-themed TV show or movie. These classic films will capture the holiday spirit. 

Share Recipes

You can ask your friends to contribute a dish to the Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving Playlist

Put together a song playlist that celebrates thankfulness and gratitude.