Exploring the Health and Healing Powers of Honey

Exploring the Health and Healing Powers of Honey

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) was very fond of honey. You liked honey because Allah Almighty has said that it has healing properties. There are many benefits of eating honey.

  • The constant use of honey protects a person from old age.
  • Taking honey early in the morning without eating any other thing removes phlegm.
  • Honey cleanses the stomach.
  • Honey strengthens the mind۔
  • Honey unclogs urinary blockage۔
  • To remove swelling in the kidney, you should drink lukewarm water mixed with honey۔
  • Honey increases appetite۔
  • Honey is also useful in paralysis and constipation۔
  • Honey is also useful in diarrhea۔
  • Honey strengthens the heart, mind، and liver۔
  • Honey strengthens the lungs and is also very useful in cough۔
  • Consuming honey with walnuts removes stomach cold۔
  • Applying honey to the eyes makes the eyes glow۔
  • Honey melts body fat. Drinking honey and lemon juice mixed with water in the morning melts excess body fat.
  • Honey brightens the complexion.

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