Late-night Mobile Phone use is a Main Cause of Obesity

Late-night Mobile Phone use is a Main Cause of Obesity

Scientific research has explained a lot of disadvantages of too much use of Mobile Phones and now scientists have warned people who use their mobile phone devices at night with regard to fat and obesity.

The Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Disruption

According to the head of the research team, there is a master clock in our brain that controls the stages of our sleep and wakefulness and this also controls the body temperature, appetite, and all other functions of our body. When people use the mobile phone late-night this master clock affects and as a result, all bodily functions are impaired. This clock is also known as the circadian rhythm. The mobile phone’s screen has blue light that can interfere with melatonin production, the hormone is mainly responsible for promoting better sleep. Extraordinary exposure to this light especially late-night can disrupt the circadian rhythm which can lead to irregular patterns of sleep.

An irregular schedule of sleep is connected with an increased and dangerous risk of obesity. According to some studies individuals who are getting less sleep as compared to the recommended amount of sleep can consume more calories and experience changes of hormonal that can promote weight gain.

Late-Night Mobile Phone Use

Usually, people use mobile phones at night for scrolling through social media, engaging in chat conversations, and watching videos. This long duration of screen time affects not only sleep even also increases sedentary behavior, as individuals like to use mobile phones while lying or sitting down.

The use of mobile phones at night is also related to the habit of eating unhealthy foods. The availability of online food services and content related to food plus eating snacks during the use of a mobile phone can increase the intake of calories. This combination of unhealthy sleep and patterns of eating creates an environment related to obesity and weight gain.


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