Good News for Pakistanis who want to work in Saudi Arabia

Good News for Pakistanis who want to work in Saudi Arabia

There is a piece of good news for those Pakistani people who really want to work and stay in Saudi Arabia. Saudia Arabia has signed successfully an agreement to acquire manpower from Pakistan. Jawad Sohrab Malik, who is a special assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, met with Samar Essam Abdul Samad, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nisma and Partners in the city of Saudi Arabia Riyadh.

During this meeting, Jawad Sohrab Malik and Assam Abdul Samad both signed the agreement. According to this agreement, Pakistan will provide professional manpower to Saudia Arabia, specifically will provide for upcoming and ongoing projects of NISMA. At this point, Jawad Sohrab Malik said “This agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is a reason for important cooperation”. This agreement will pave the way for the export of Pakistani manpower to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s important infrastructure and goals of development.


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