The Art of Swift Cooling and How to Chill a Drink Quickly

The Art of Swift Cooling and How to Chill a Drink Quickly

A cold beverage is a refreshing source, especially on a hot day, but what you can do when you are searching for the icy refreshment and your drinks are at the current temperature of your room? Don’t worry! Today we are sharing some efficient and quick ways to chill your drink in less time. We will share here some household items and a few techniques related to the science, here’s how you can master the art of swift cooling.

Technique of Ice Bath

This is the most effective and simple way to chill your drink quickly so that you can immerse it in an ice bath. A container should be filled with water and ice then place your beverage inside it. The water will subtract the heat from the drink much faster than air alone. Make sure the liquid should be moved occasionally for even the purpose of cooling.

Tricks of Freezer

If you have a short time, then the freezer is the best option for this purpose. Inside a damp paper towel, you can wrap the drink and then put it in the freezer. The towel moisture actually helps to promote the cooling quickly due to the evaporative cooling principle. Plus if you lay the bottle on it side this will increase the area of surface in contact with the cold air, so this step can also speed up the process.


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